The drawings of Christine Mayr

The drawings of Christine Mayr are arresting — they will make you stop, turn around, and take a closer look. You will find yourself gazing into a world where familiar things that are usually covered over are visible.

Her drawings are like an excavation.  They dig beneath the surface of infancy and childhood. They scrape away the veneer of adolescence. They uncover the roots of social and sexual anxiety with daring, detailed observations.

Mayr's collected observations outline the common experience of the modern age: dissociation, abandonment, and the lonely search for personal identity.  Her subjects grope for validating experience.  They portray the struggle for self discovery as they explore the mysteries of 'self' and 'other.' If they express bewilderment it is also our bewilderment. Their search is also our search.

The coloured pencil drawings shown here are technically intelligent — colour is essential to the image, and line works as the strong descriptive element. Mayr does not push the medium beyond its inherent vernacular.  Each image is a complete expression in itself, communicating with clear graphic syllables which can be understood in every language.

Meredith Luhrs, 2005